What you need to feel comfortable on vacation??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

What you need to feel comfortable on vacation??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineTo feel comfortable on vacation will allow only the reliability of the place where the money is. Because you should think over in what form to take them on a trip and...Credit card or traveler's checks: what to take to the roadTo feel comfortable on vacation will allow only the reliability of the place where the money is. Because you should think over in what form to take them on a trip and how to pay in the host country.Given the existing variety of forms storing money remains an issue, which one is most appropriate for the trip: cash, cards or travellers cheques?For travel to Europe it is recommended to take a small amount of cash, and large sums to pay by credit card, to withdraw money from ATMs using credit cards, pre-specifying the size of the fee on cash withdrawals.To pay for a taxi or a snack, before departure to exchange a small amount for local currency. If you still have not managed to make it convenient for you to pay using Bank cards MaestroCard, the payment of which all EU countries are committed without a fee.Credit cards are very popular among tourists due to its security. If the card is lost or stolen – the Bank will pay the damages, provided that its owner has not acted negligently.A new card will be available for several days. In addition, some credit cards also include travel insurance package. In particular, using a credit card Erste Bank Visa, you will also get free insurance for trip cancellation. But Visa is not meant for cash withdrawal, and for this purpose it should be used only in extreme cases that will protect you from the high commissions.The amount of Commission it is better to know in advance. On-site recreation is cheaper to use the ATM using your normal Bank card. Cash withdrawal through Visa or MasterCard will cost more.The Commission for the exchange varies depending on the country, the exchange is very different. Much better to make a few big exchanges, in order to avoid unnecessary costs on small transactions.Traveller's chequesTraveller's cheques are a convenient and safe alternative to cash payments.Traveler's checks are a convenient, reliable and secure way to store money:you can exchange them for cash at a Bank or currency exchange office;to use as payment in stores, restaurants, hotels, or rental car Agency;you are protected from anxiety, because in case of loss or theft they can easily and quickly be reimbursed anywhere in the world – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;if you still have unused travellers cheques, you can save them for next trip, because they are indefinite;accepted in thousands of locations worldwide, traveler's checks are a great addition to cash and plastic cards.Some foreign embassies such as Embassy of Spain, even require tourists to carry cash in the traveler's checks instead of cash or plastic money.Traveler's check is a payment document, which is used as a means of international payments. The principle of its use is quite simple: you buy a traveler's cheque in the Ukrainian Bank for a certain amount, and then abroad exchange it for cash or calculated by him, if he is accepted as currency.In many countries, travellers cheques Thomas Cook, American Express, as well as their younger competitors – Visa City and word and other systems are accepted in shops, hotels, restaurants, and exchanged in banks cash in local currency.Now checks American Ехргеss and Тhomas Sook offered by banks in U.S. dollars in denominations of 50, 100, 500 and 1000, as well as in the Euro denomination of 50, 100, 200 and 500. Travellers cheques American Ехргеss also released in pounds sterling, yen, Deutsche mark, Swiss francs.The main difference between the different companies checks – regions use. Checks American Ехргеss common in America, where it is accepted for payment in the subway, taxis, hotels, shops along with the usual money. Visa and Тhоmas Cook more preferred in Europe, and the word City is in Asian countries.The citizens of Ukraine with the permission of the Bank for the export of traveler's checks (Bank prepares its free) is allowed to carry traveler's checks in an amount not exceeding the equivalent of $6000. When buying Bank checks usually takes a Commission (usually 1% of nominal) and requires the buyer to put his signature on each form.It is best to buy cheques in the currency of the country where you intend them to cash. Abroad to exchange cheques for cash need to contact the Bank or Agency companies producing checks. Cheques are exchanged for local currency in over 150 countries and in the U.S. traveler's checks are accepted along with cash. The exchange will occur only after identification will be performed signature and verified the passport of the tourist.When you exchange a check for money from tourists, too, will take a Commission percentage, and slightly higher than in the sale check. In some countries, instead of a certain percentage charge a fixed amount from each check, regardless of its denomination, so it is advisable to find out in advance how much you have to pay for cheque cashing money.More than 1,800 of exchange offices of the company Тhomas Sook located around the world, travelers cheques and pay without charges. In the Egyptian cities of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, there are representative offices of the company American Ехргеss and Bank of Аlехаndria, where you can also cash traveler's checks without a fee. All in all, the world has about 2 thousand American agencies Ехргеss in 130 countries. Thus, receipt design costs quite cheap (1% of the total) in comparison, for example with a plastic card ($20 for the registration and 1.5-5% on each transaction abroad).Several deficiencies in the checks – it may be a situation when they will be difficult to trade (for example, in countries where they are not very popular), but in exchange it is possible to lose money on the difference of the course. So it's better if you purchase the cheques at once to gather information about their exchange, banks and currency exchange rates.Advance find out how popular travel-cheques in the country in which you are going, find addresses exchange offices or banks. Keep the receipt you received when you purchased the check. In the case of loss of cheque call during the day to the Bank or company that issued the checks.On traveller's cheques must be specified:-the name of the issuing company;-the name of the payer and his / her details;-signatures of authorized representatives of the issuers;the denomination and the name of the foreign currency;-serial number;-personal signature.Ask the Bank offering traveller's cheques, to write cheques of different denominations – $20, $50 and $100. Although a hundred dollar checks to change more profitable in small towns with their exchange problems can occur. Together with checks you will be issued a receipt. Do not put checks and receipts together – in the case of loss of cheques restored only on the basis of receipts. Contact gently with checks: bad checks may refuse to exchange to local currency.Recently travelers checks is used less and less for normal trips. According to tour operators, as a method of payment cheques are more convenient for travel to exotic countries or for youth tourism, as it allows parents to control the costs of their children.A few tips for travelersYou shouldn't hesitate to buy cheques in us dollars, if you are not traveling in the United States. Buy cheques in local currency or call the Bank, selling traveler's checks, and seek advice.Do not take cheques only large denomination. If you need a small amount, and you will have checks exclusively for a thousand dollars, walking around with large sums of cash, you will be of great interest to a specific audience.Cash, cheque, paint gently to alert Bank clerk did not send your cheque for collection – long process of compliance the owner of the cheque and the person presenting it (about 30 days).In no way did not sign cheques in advance, do so only in the presence of a Bank teller or merchant.Do not change the checks for cash in the first Bank, be interested in a possible Commission and exchange rate. If the Commission more than three percent of the face value of the check or the rate of exchange to local currency seems low, do not rush to exchange traveler's check into cash – it's possible that the block is the Bank cashing checks at more favorable terms.If you have not used travellers cheques Thomas Cook on the trip, you will be able to use them on your next trip.

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