Rental housing and the financial crisis affect each other! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Rental housing and the financial crisis affect each other! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe financial crisis has affected the rental market - rates began to decline. While landlords are clearly divided into...As the financial crisis has affected the rental housingThe financial crisis has affected the rental market - rates began to decline. While landlords are clearly divided into two categories: those who hold real estate is the main source of income (still trying to raise rates by 15-20% following the rise in the dollar); those who pass the estate, not to lose money in expectation of the buyer (willing to cede up to 30%).Tatiana, web programmer, in may 2008, rented an apartment in Obolon (dormitory suburb of Kiev) for $800. When was the lease, the owner of the home preferred further calculations in national currency at the rate of 5.0. "I agreed, and we recorded in the contract terms of living in an apartment, currency calculation and the amount of the monthly payment - 4000 UAH.", - said Tatiana. But during the calculation for November hostess required not specified 4000 UAH and 5500 UAH. "It is unclear just how much money is obtained. If before 4000 UAH. - it was $800, 5500 UAH. is more than $950 at current exchange rate of the NBU," - said Tatiana. She decided to move. According to her, there are several apartments that deserve attention, and the owners are asking $700 per month.Tatiana's colleague Andrew was able to negotiate with the landlord about lowering the rent cost. "I explained to him that due to the rise in price of the American currency, and I pay the rent in USD, although the price is fixed in dollars, my apartment turns out more expensive at $150, if you count the previous course," said Andrew. According to him, the landlord agreed to lower the rent by $150.According to a leading specialist of the marketing consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki, the rental market is traditionally the dollar. The transition to settlements in national currency - this is a temporary phenomenon, caused by summer fall course "green". So now, when the dollar rose strongly, for the majority of tenants interviewed by the correspondent "Money" landlords to renegotiate the terms of payment and either return to payments in us currency, either increase the price in USD, but at the current rate. Generally increase housing prices those kvartirovladelets who live with this. But there is another trend that affects the prices in the opposite direction and outweighs the rise in the dollar.KievThe financial crisis, which spurred the dollar, along with reduced demand for home purchase. Therefore, the apartments that the owners planned to sell, fill up the base "rental" property. As a result, rates have begun to decline. "If at the beginning of the year the change was billed approximately 6280 apartments, today they really are about 17 thousand," said Mr. Kostecki.Generally of 2008, according to the observations of the analyst, has been stagnant for the rental market. Almost all the time, rents were on the same level, except for small seasonal fluctuations from may to July, when there was a slight decrease in prices. According to SV Development, in its first two weeks of November the average rent of a one-, three-room apartments in Kyiv fell by 5.47% to $788 per month.Well, in a crisis, people are starting to save is to look for cheaper options: move to the suburbs, they rent rooms instead of apartments, and deprived of work, and did return to their native towns and villages. According to the observations of Mr. Kostecki, starting from October 2008, a one-room apartment of economy class on the outskirts of town for $450-550 per month are not a scarcity. The first sentence of such housing began to exceed the demand.In addition, planned to sell the flats citizens now make repairs and put up housing for rent. "And they are willing to concede. While bargaining may reach 30%," said Mr. Kostecki. Say, rent for such people - is not the basic salary, but only a temporary thing, and when the market situation is stabilized apartment, as I hope their owners, will be sold.Particularly noteworthy is the lease expensive real estate is above $1000. And in this segment also rents began to fall. "The owners of such housing are willing to bargain - they understand that finding tenants is difficult today. And it's better to give than unsuccessfully trying to rent an apartment," - said Sergey Kostecki. The Association of real estate specialists of Ukraine confirmed that many companies that were previously leasing for luxury housing, reduce costs, and cease to rent apartments for their high-paying invited managers. Those in crisis are also trying to save money and seek a more modest apartments.RegionsThe economic crisis has gripped the entire country. Therefore, the reduction in demand for rental housing, stabilization or falling prices are seen everywhere. In particular, in Odessa rent "unity" in the not too pretentious area available for $100-950 a month. We will remind, in April 2008 the Odessa realtors noted that the cheapest accommodation that you can really out there to remove that cost from $350 per month. Today the ads on the lease Studio apartments under $350 it is not a rarity. For example, in the Kiev district of Odessa apartment rentals available for $100-400 per month, in Malinowski - $100-950 a month. And in seaside for $300-1500 per month.In Donetsk after the traditional August-CenterStage price increases the rental market froze. Realtors also predict that because of the crisis we can expect reductions in rental rates. Now, according to the Academy "Valuations", the average cost to rent a one bedroom apartment available for $150 on the outskirts and $430 in the Voroshilov district of the Central. Thus, according to the observations of "Money", rent in Donetsk since the beginning of year has risen in price by 20%.In Dnepropetrovsk the real estate market is also feeling the outflow of buyers and increasing the number of apartments in the bases of the rental. However, rental prices are still stable. In Dnepropetrovsk minimum rent listings for today is $300 a month. In General, the city of "ones" pass for $300-450.In Kharkov there are proposals on rent for $150 a month and $550. According to realtors, in the former capital of Ukraine today, the number of apartments on the change exceeds the demand.ForecastsIt seems that the expectations of "Money" has come true, and in the rental market yet started to work the laws of Economics.

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