The most amazing hotels in the world! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The most amazing hotels in the world! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineTo ensure that tourists continue to go travelling, look around, to wonder, to click...The most amazing hotels in the worldTo ensure that tourists continue to go travelling, look around, wonder, clicking their cameras, to buy Souvenirs and other trinkets, and, accordingly, bring profit to the hotels, they need to strike something very amazing and out of the ordinary. In this case, they and tell your friends, and photos, brag, and do not miss the opportunity to once again experience a similar sensation.The most amazing hotels - our review.1. Grafskoe estate - luxurious and awesome hotel, located close to the Kenyan capital Nairobi. It is famous for its "residents" - a herd of giraffes. Here, away from civilization, you can enjoy the most beautiful kitchens and Nairobi and to face-to-face, so to speak, the face with a giraffe or two. On their website, only in Girlscom estate tour can offer such entertainment as feeding giraffes during a private Breakfast. Giraffes are well aware that at certain times can get Goodies, and come, poking their long necks into the Windows or doors of the hotel.2. The hotel is in the pipe. Of course, this is not the same conveniences you are used to many tourists who purchase a ticket to this establishment, located in the Austrian town of Ottensheim, but in life you need to try everything. Even live a couple of weeks in the real 10-ton concrete pipe approximately 6.5 feet in diameter. And you know, this hotel is crazy popular!3. Located in Harlingen, one hour drive from Amsterdam, hotel the Harbour Crane will offer a couple an unforgettable romantic getaway. Yes, it is a pair: this is a special hotel for two.4. In Cottonwood, Idaho, is the famous hotel for dog lovers: the Dog Bark Park Inn. Visitors climb inside a dog's body on a special ladder. Say that inside is very cozy and quiet, apparently, the walls in this wonderful hotel soundproof. But what about with Windows – unknown.5. Probably the most amazing place in Paris – Hotel Everland. It consists of one room and is located on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo museum. The hotel has a huge bathroom, bed size "king-size bed and a sofa that pulls out only at night. By the way, at night from the hotel window view is fantastic: the Seine and the Eiffel tower, sparkling with lights. Interestingly, you can book a room in hotel only in online mode.6. A mixture of Turkish and European style made the hotel the Marmara Antalya in Antalya the most prestigious location on the coast. This hotel is not only beautiful architecture and warm service: each of the two dozen rooms slowly rotates, and this amazing feature provides additional unforgettable effect. It moves!7. Turkey is another hotel, got into our top ten: Cappadocia Hotel, carved into a cliff, the Yunak Evleri. In this hotel all 30 rooms stylized cave times V and VI century.8. Part Woodlyn Park in New Zealand people call Combitherm or a hotel for the hobbits. Indeed, the hotel resembles hobbycity mink, as described in Tolkien's trilogy "Lord of the rings.9. In Oregon the creatives went to the other extreme. The hotel in the trees is very popular among tourists, so 18 "nests", which can rightly bear the title "childhood dreams" never empty. The rooms also feature bathrooms, and refrigerators, and even a Jacuzzi. And the vip rooms are located at an altitude of over 300 feet above the ground.10. Leave in the car – great idea? And in the luxurious car, which is going nowhere? In New Zealand, except hobbycity Nord, there is a hotel, where the rooms are styled with comfortable cars equipped with bathrooms, kitchens, and satellite TV.

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