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You want a house in Europe???...Why Ukraine does not develop the overseas property market...House in Europe: cheap and availableWhy Ukraine does not develop the overseas property marketOver the past year, Ukrainians are increasingly interested in buying nedvijimosti abroadRising prices for apartments in Kyiv, Crimea and the cities increasingly suggest wealthy Ukrainians at the thought of buying a house on the Turkish coast or an apartment in a European capital. According to real estate agencies, for $100 thousand - the price of a Studio apartment is not in the most prestigious area of Kiev, you can buy two apartments in the suburbs of Berlin. In fact, Ukrainians, buying property abroad can be counted on the fingers – in our country, unlike in neighboring Russia, it is difficult from a legal point of view.The first Agency involved in the sale of foreign real estate in Ukraine, began to appear about 8 years ago. But to actively develop this sector began three years ago. If before the purchase of a house or apartment abroad were only interested in the inhabitants of Kiev and Donetsk, in recent times there are buyers from other regions, say market experts.We need the Turkish coastIf desired, and the availability of funds is possible, living in Ukraine, to buy property in almost any country in the world, from Finland to the Caribbean. The most popular deals in the market – Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, UAE. More expensive options – Croatia and Turkey. That is, those of the country where the middle class Ukrainians usually go on vacation.But most often acquire property in these countries is not connected with the rest, and with business. "80% of our clients buy real estate for investment" - said the head of the lending company BGT consulting Sergey Tyutyunnik. Agree with this assertion and his colleague from the company "Avenida Management" Maria Kravets. In an interview with the examiner reported that the specific growth of interest in these countries is observed in the last year. This is due to the lull in the domestic real estate market. "It's not as profitable as it was before, and they are looking for other areas to accommodate money. Since the stock market is now not very many promises, as an alternative to see foreign real estate", - said the expert. Profits from such investments is also small, apartments in Crete, rising not more than 5% per year, in Turkey, the growth of real estate prices stopped. But, apparently, the Ukrainian investors, taught by the sad experience of "Elita-Center", tempted stability.80% of Ukrainian buyers of real estate abroad acquire it for the purpose of investmentThere is another category of buyers are those who are going in the next 4-5 years to retire and settle by the sea. In this respect, the prices in Bulgaria and Turkey much more attractive Crimean. And if with a visit to Bulgaria can be difficult (stay in the country for property owners is limited to three months), in Turkey there is a possibility to obtain a residence permit. According to Sergey Tyutyunnik, the average cost of real estate abroad, which are clients of his company ranges from EUR100 -150 thousand the Prices are quite comparable with the domestic.LegallyDespite the benefits and the relative accessibility of many of the proposals, property abroad buying units of Ukrainians. This is the difference between our country from Russia. If the Muscovite could not afford to buy a house in the suburbs, he buys an apartment in Bulgaria or Turkey – with the development of Charter flights to visit this "little house in the country is not difficult.Many non-Ukrainians, too, would like to follow the example of their Northern neighbours, Yes the law allows. Buying property abroad suggests that after signing the contract with the notary the buyer opens escrow account in the Bank where translates the price of the purchase. In order to do such an operation and transfer funds from Ukrainian banks in foreign, must obtain the blessing of the state license from the NBU. Otherwise, eager for foreign life, in accordance with article 208 of the Criminal code threatens with imprisonment from two to four years. And yet, overseas property buy!Official deals for the acquisition of real estate by foreign Ukrainians unitThe head of one of the leading companies in the sale of real estate abroad on condition of anonymity, shared information about such investments. According to him, official transactions units, the unofficial weight – but this is already the word contraband, these deals where it's illegal somewhere Polushkina. License from the NBU needs to wait half a year, and only a suicidal idiot would agree to this procedure.".

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