How to save and live without worries???SIMPLE TRUTHS... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

How to save and live without worries???SIMPLE TRUTHS... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineWe are not used to buy goods "not in season". But in vain, to get used worth. And will be able to save, and...To deceive the season, beat the price increaseWe are not used to buy goods "not in season". But in vain, to get used worth. And will be able to save and buy something that is "in season" does not get itAbroad many consumers on this principle live. 't see in buying the skis in the summer, nothing to be ashamed of and superdisco. Of course, packages in a heat wool socks is probably overkill, but why not purchase the "while no one should" sheepskin or a trip to the ski resorts at a better price. After all, autumn–winter price from the universal price hike can climb.Coats, coats and other "skin" – save 1000Spring collection of fur and leather continue being sold.Of markets the largest selection of winter clothes now, probably for Drinke" (-50%, 70%), there are several points in the shopping center "Pyramid" (-50%), it makes sense to pay attention to specialty stores.On the already mentioned "Darinka" even thought a separate pavilion reserved exclusively for "skin". Women's leather jackets here are from 750 to 1000 USD (in season sold from 1500 to 2000 USD). You can find the model and from 500 UAH. Mens leather jacket being offered for amounts ranging from 850 UAH (instead of 1800 UAH). Leather coats – from 1300 UAH (worth RS 2550). Classic black sheepskin knee length – from 1400 UAH ("winter" price – from 1700 UAH).In the shopping center "Pyramid" of spring collection not so much. Women's leather jacket can be bought for 1300 USD, but you can for 800 USD (old price from 1550 to 2700 USD). Leather coats will cost from 1200 UAH (female) and 1300 UAH (men's) – cost from 2300 to 2550 UAH.In the store Leather&Furs (the shopping center "Metrograd"), you can find women's leather jackets from 1400 UAH. The price of raincoats is 1,500 or more, the cost from 2800 to 3000 UAH.Outfit of the skier, snowboarder – save 20-30%Fit like a glove to think about the gear: skis, snowboards, termolecular. Offer discounts, for example, the store "Extreme style" that Hlybochytska. And in the shop X-Factor ski company Elan, which cost 3493 UAH – now sell for a 2270 on other models prices fell from 1103 to 716 USD.Snowboarding in Kiev shops also can save from 50 to 620 USD. Cheaper now and ski poles – up to 30%. For example, buying sticks of firm Elan Carbon Pro, you can keep in your wallet is about 30-50 USD. Cheaper and ski bindings, boots. For example, the Atomic products company now can be bought for 1300-1355 USD. Buying last year's model, actually save up to 200 UAH. Ski jacket firms Hannah was worth last winter 1100 USD, now it can be purchased for UAH 775. Women's jacket the same manufacturer cost 780 USD, now is 543 USD.Winter tires for cars – save 20%Queue and even deficits arise as soon as the first snow falls. All motorists know about it, but few people trying not to become a hostage of this situation. But in the summer with winter tires – "the expanse". So, in some stores now to get a discount on winter tires to 20%. The average price for winter tires – from 270 to 2000 UAH. Although compared with the past cold season, the prices have increased. By the winter of 2008 is expected to another rise in price, but to predict how it will be great, yet difficult.At most a HUNDRED and argue that the choice of winter tires now differs little from seasonal. Although, according to those same HUNDRED workers, wishing to get the winter tires quite a bit now, rush will begin in October.A trip to the mountains – save 20%– Voucher for a winter trip, and now Kiev has already bought, it is especially advantageous to buy now ski tours in Poland, Slovakia, Austria. Demand for winter tours to Switzerland and Finland. First, when booking a tour now, you can choose the best places, which cannot be done in winter. Secondly, it is possible to save about 20% of the cost depending on the tour, – tell in one of the travel agencies.Last winter trip to Poland, for example, in Zakopane, for the new year holidays cost 804 euros, this winter will be 960 euros. If I book a ticket now-you can buy it for 750 euros. Prices for ski resorts in Austria such as: the Ischgl last year – 162 euros per day, this winter – 180 euros if you order now, you can buy and 145 euros per night. In Slovakia (hotel 4 star) in the winter of 2007 it was possible to relax for 104 euros per night, this winter the price will increase to 130.

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