The government distributes service apartments? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The government distributes service apartments? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineRisking their reputation and good name, the government finally froze the minimum wage. Tymoshenko promised "unpopular reforms", and they are not forced...Freezing wages, the government distributes service apartments?Again about selfless "wrestling" with the crisisRisking their reputation and good name, the government finally froze the minimum wage. Tymoshenko promised "unpopular reforms", and they are not zastavili to wait long. However, servants of the people have not forgotten about yourself favorite: the Cabinet has extended the list of categories of civil servants, which may be granted to service housing.To create an "official" FundNow the housing can be provided with the status of civil servants, the heads of departments, their deputies, chief specialists of all Central bodies of Executive power and organs functioning in their system. In addition, service apartments "Shine" to the heads of departments, their deputies, and chief scientific advisors, chief specialists of the Supreme administrative court and the office of the Council of national security and defense. In addition, the right to housing provided by the Directors and their deputies, heads of departments and their deputies, chief accountants and their deputies of the National Academy of Sciences and Ukrainian Academy of agrarian Sciences. Well how here not to remember a joke "in the subject?In response to workers ' complaints that they had not paid salaries for October, the government indignantly reported that officials have still not received apartments for September!However, as explained by the online newspaper the Minister of housing and communal services of Ukraine Oleksiy Kucherenko, in this case the aim of the government is a radical revision of the approach to the allocation of housing. "It is planned to create the category" service housing, which, in fact, today, no. But there is a pernicious practice that is bought for budget money apartment, later turning into the property of the official," he said. And cited as example of its predecessor, which for eight months, the post received a four-room apartment for 1 million 200 thousand UAH. "Such examples you will easily find in other ministries," - said Kucherenko.The IMF loan has not given rise to the "minimal"?It is easy to predict that the creation of a database service housing need money, and considerable. As the saying goes, "to war, and a mother who". Probably, it was difficult to choose a less appropriate time to highlight another service apartments than it is today.First of all we are talking about the government's decision to freeze the minimum wage. In particular, from December 1, "minimal" increase to 605 USD., not up to 625 USD., as previously planned. According to former economy Minister Serhiy Teriokhin, "minimal" and will remain 10% lower, and its growth in 2009 may be stopped: "the Cabinet draws strength from the Crisis of the law of 31 October 2008. And it says that the patch should only be indexed quarterly at the rate of inflation".Recall that one of the requirements of the IMF granting Ukraine a loan, is to keep inflation at the level of 17%. Therefore the government has no choice as to "keep inflation" means in their power. "I don't think the government will resort to explicit manipulations numbers and fraud in this matter, because the IMF may calculate inflation in Ukraine", - said the Internet newspaper "NOW" the General Director of asset management company "Ineko-invest" Oleg Carrots. The less money in circulation, the lower will be the rate of inflation, so that the freezing of minimum wages in this case plays against rising prices. "Inflation in Ukraine due to the presence of Fiat money, and in order to come to some sort of economic growth, it is necessary that the money came through the economy, not through the budget," said Carrots.Problems are solved. At whose expense?With the fact that the country's problems once again want to solve at the expense of the poorest, not everyone agrees. Against the establishment of a moratorium on raising the minimum wage to the subsistence minimum was organized by Federation of trade unions of Ukraine. In an address to the people's deputies of Ukraine stipulates that such measures are aimed at people. "This is a flagrant violation by the authority of its obligations. After the President and the government promised the people of Ukraine from January 1, 2009 the minimum wage to the subsistence level", - said in the text of the appeal.That the subsistence minimum and the minimum salary must be equal, and insists the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on social policy and labour Vasyl Khara. "This situation shouldn't even be in the anti-Crisis law. Voted for him 198 deputies, and accordingly, it was included in the law for some error and should be deleted.Quite the opposite view is held by the ex-Minister of economy. "In a crisis, we simply nowhere to take another $10 billion for higher wages. These money also need to find. That, in a time of crisis to raise taxes?" - perplexed Terekhin.Ukraine is a country of contrasts"A sensible suggestion," two hands clutched the Minister of internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko, initiating the adoption of the law on the introduction of a luxury tax. "I think now to join the Parliament the introduction of the law on taxation of luxury," Mr. Lutsenko said, adding that rich people should pay more, including during the crisis.The more that domestic billionaires, according to a study by the journal Manager to join three of the wealthy Eastern Europe. Condition 10 of the richest Ukrainians is estimated at $22 billion, with more than a third of this amount belongs to the richest person of Ukraine - the Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov. And if Forbes estimated his fortune at "Ukrainian dozens" of $30 billion, and the Polish Wprost - in $55 billion.Under such downright outstanding results can only wonder how Ukraine managed to get in three of the poorest countries in Europe. However, the German edition of Deutsche Welle, by publishing a ranking of the most prosperous European countries not included in the study. First, however, the world Bank has published data showing that GDP per capita in Ukraine is about $at 6.92 thousand According to this indicator, Ukraine is among the three poorest countries in Europe, ahead of only Moldova and Albania.In General, to live in Ukraine is becoming more interesting. But, on the other hand, nobody said it would be easy and good - as a rule, we are promised that life will be "better". Given that in this ever does not specify who exactly will "live better", with great satisfaction to note that this time we are not deceived. It was, perhaps, only one "last request" to leave his people alone, and to leave it to survive.

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