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RECREATION:the SIMPLER,the more EXPENSIVE!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIndividual routes, this is not the limit. Today tour operators can satisfy even the most sophisticated whim - from hunting for blue Marlin to trip around the world on...Individual routes, this is not the limit. Today tour operators can satisfy even the most sophisticated whim - from hunting for blue Marlin to voyage around the world in a balloon."Popular orders sports tours, in particular, diving tours,- says Irina Gumenyuk, Divers can travel around the world in search of beautiful places, sea creatures. Clients love to book travel on bicycles, on motorcycles. For example, recently in San Tropez hosted a gathering of bikers gathered there over 3 thousand fans iron horses from around the world".Interesting direction, according to tour operators, Chile is: as you know, the country stretches across the whole of South America and, therefore, there are different climatic zones. Visiting Chile, you can fly to Antarctica and swim on the icebreaker, in addition to that, there you can dive in the ice. Upmarket tourism is different from the group the fact that the client will meet at the ramp special person "with bread and salt", and even on the limousine, the hotel's generous customers will not have to deal with the paper padding, as its profile will be already pre-filled. "The elite round determines the status of the client, because a person pays more to gain additional privileges on the service, that is, a certain level of comfort," says the Deputy Director of travel Agency "the Seventh sky" Anna Tatarenko.- Accordingly, we plan their vacation so as to completely get rid of the trouble of arranging - booking hotels, tours and other things"."An individual travelling is always something more than just personal tour," says the Director of a travel Agency Happy Vacations Irina Gumenyuk.- We have, for example, have a client who loves a special grape variety and it is ready to go to another continent when the grapes are ripening, and besides, he wants to participate in the harvest, although the grapes are harvested almost individually. We had a month to convince our foreign partners, to be made directly to the collection".According to tour operators, dedicated solely to the organization of individual tours, group bookings are only about 30% of total orders. The same firms that combine work with individual and group customers, claim that orders for individual tours are no more than 10-15% of total orders. However, they will certainly bring more earnings."It is better to make one a personal tour, even though it takes more time than selling for example, twenty "Turkey",- said Director of tourism Tour-East Tatyana Bespalova.- And the order of individual rounds is absolutely consistent with the level of income distribution in our country: as soon as income is transferred from secondary to higher, immediately people are trying to ride individually. The cost of the tour, for example, in Italy the hotel of 4 stars with private tours and private transfers costs about ?5 thousand a week. The cost of a standard group tour "Classic Italy" is about ?1 thousand".As noted by the tour operators, the most popular destinations for private luxury tours are: Europe - especially lately - French Riviera (Cote d'azur), Southeast Asia (India, Nepal tours "for enlightenment"), Safari, North pole, Antarctica (adrenaline tours). The most expensive for individual tours European countries are considered: the cost of an individual guide there ?100 h /- ?20 and, for example, in Thailand, Bali and Singapore, the price is much less. In particular, event tours (tours related to any specific event, festival, holiday, show) popular Monaco, Cannes and nice."Elite tour" tours to the most remote and exotic places, but the most popular varieties of luxury tours include: travel driving exclusive cars (most often mentioned Ferrari, this is one of those companies, which signed a contract with many travel agents), a ride on rented yachts (and the elite are motor sailing yachts of at least 30 m long), flying helicopters over various scenic places, rent of old castles and the number (and duration of stay can range from one day to infinity), trophy hunting for blue Marlin, or the African lion, fishing, wine tasting in Spain, health tourism (SPA-tour and visits to clinics, alternative medicine practitioners), shopping in Milan, ski tours, sports and event tours, and the list is endless...A customer ordering an exclusive tour, you can order almost everything it comes to mind, to some extent, this can be compared to Ryder, compiled by the Hollywood star with exceptional taste and crazy requests. On average, elite tour will cost the customer $3 thousand per person per day, however, the price will vary depending on the direction and intensity of the program.As for the travel agencies, according to Mrs. Tatarenko, it is very important to Orient the client and to minimize his desires, knocking in a sense, but rather suggesting something better. "For high-end tourists, we do not just develop a personal tour, we approach them with greater attentiveness," says Mrs.]. - Work with specialists, because it is quite complex preparatory process!".According to Tatyana Bespalova, now very popular off-road tours in Italy, where customers went straight from the match: "They went there for three weeks two machines, we have them fully painted route from the moment of their departure from Kiev, down to the mileage, calculated their stops in Budapest, Vienna, and they managed to see most of the sights, stop in Monaco for a few days, then in Italy....

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