WHERE TO SPEND AN UNFORGETTABLE VACATION??? (PHOTO) - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

WHERE TO SPEND AN UNFORGETTABLE VACATION??? (PHOTO) - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineTherefore it is necessary to discard all fears and spend a vacation in...Spend an unforgettable holiday in LvivWeekend and left Your pipe dream? All is not lost, because the element was partially addressed this town. Therefore it is necessary to discard all fears and spend a vacation in Lviv.How to organize your trip.DestinationThe trip to Lviv is necessary to prepare in advance. If the tickets in the West can be purchased three days before the planned trip, it is possible to find accommodation at such short notice is unlikely to succeed. For visitors there are three solutions to this issue. Depending on the amount You plan to spend on accommodation in the Lion city and Your perceptions of a comfortable home, you have the opportunity to choose the following.First, you can stay in a hotel where there is always rooms available. The list of Lviv hotels can be found on the website Hotel the city. Secondly, you can rent an apartment for a few days. If you are worried about the contents of your pocket, these apartments will cost You half or two times cheaper. It is worth remembering that a week-long stay in a rented apartment can lead You in the amount of up to 2000 USD. Lviv real estate Agency offers a wide selection of one-, two - and three-bedroom apartments. The cost of one-bedroom apartments ranges from 250 to 300 hryvnia per day. Two-and three – 350-400 UAH respectively. If You drive a small company, up to five people, will be cheaper to rent a one bedroom apartment, taking with him a few sleeping bags. After all, You will need a sleeping place for one night only.Thirdly, it is most profitable to rent an apartment of his mistress. This, of course, not the number of the class "luxury", but for the night it will come down. However, to find such shelter is quite difficult. Typically, these offers can be found only in the Newspapers, occasionally on Internet forums. Most often the phone owners passed from hand to hand. Be sure to ask friends who have visited in Lviv, and maybe they will have a phone number with any mistress. In this case, the daily cost of renting an apartment will not exceed 120 USD. Don't forget that the amount You spend on an apartment, will not depend on the number of people living in it.If You lean towards the third option, it is advisable to decide on the time of arrival. Do not try to Board the train, the arrival of which falls on the night. Remember that the owners, who have You decided to rent an apartment, you also have the right to dream. If You arrive at night, you will hear bad words in her address, and at worst will remain without shelter. Having defined the apartment and agreeing about the lease, you can go to the ticket office for tickets.How to getThe most fast and easy way to get to Lviv by train. In this case, to save on the road will fail. Direct trains in "Misto Leva" no, and to transplant in Shepetivka among the night – pleasure not from pleasant.The first and most important criterion for the choice of the train is its time of arrival. Most of them come to Lviv in the morning in 6-9 hours. From Kiev to the Lion city and can be reached by Express train, departing at 5 PM and arriving at half past eleven the same day. In order to navigate in the railway areas, you must visit the website of Ukrzaliznytsia and choose the most suitable train. The cost of tickets varies between 56-80 hryvnia, depending on which train You go.Upon arriving to Lviv at night, You'll have to take a taxi, as night transport doesn't go. The cost of the services of the Lviv carriers is virtually indistinguishable from Kiev, and to reach the destination, You will have to pay 30-50 UAH, depending on the distance.In the daytime, in the absence of heavy Luggage, You can reach to your desired location on foot. The path from the station to the centre is unlikely to take more than an hour. But if Your apartment is in the centre. To get to the sleeping area will cost more.Public transport city a bit more expensive than the capital - You will have to pay 75 cents for the voucher. Arriving in a rented apartment or a hotel and expanding things, then be prepared to walk around the city.Famous "Misto Leva".

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