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How to relax: Holidaymakers "savages" can be divided into two conventional categories. First, it is those people who have their own transport for travel to the South, I live on the coast in tents next to the car, where they go...How to relax, "savage" or package tour?Sweet heaven in a tentHolidaymakers "savages" can be divided into two conventional categories. First, it is those people who have their own transport for travel to the South, I live on the coast in tents next to the car, they go where they want and when they want.The second group is people going to the South not by its own transport or by train or by plane and by yourself looking for housing. They share one thing: they themselves planned their vacation, without the help of travel agencies or intermediaries.If you are going on a trip by car, it is best to ride in groups: and more fun, and safer. Well, the singles are advised to cling to "vivacam", especially because the campgrounds on the coast are functioning constantly.If you decide to get to the holiday destination by plane, try to learn about seasonal discounts, the airline most often they do not advertise, because, ask, and ask. In the airport and stations coming on immediately besieged by a crowd of brokers offering accommodations, and taxi drivers. If you decide to look for a house, apartment or room by yourself, the phrase: "We are met" works almost flawlessly. Leave your belongings in the storage unit, and searches. The sign "for Rent room" hanging on every second gate.But there is another option: you can go camping with tents and the question of housing will disappear as unnecessary. In order to gather on a hike, don't need a lot of money, basically you spend on products that will take. In General, travel vacation, on average, will be released twice cheaper than a vacation package tour where everything is "enabled". Moreover, following along after guides, you'll never see the real beauty of nature, will not find the most picturesque places that you can touch their own hands and plenty to look at them. The fact that the trekking route, you can choose yourself – another plus in favor of staying a savage. You will have enough time to consider all that you are interested in, your experience is not limited to the schedule of excursions and dinners.The journey of "the hitchhiker's guide to Europe" attracts both professionals and numerous hitchhikers-beginners, and simply cash-strapped lovers of European culture. Many of those who would never have the courage to vote in the Ukrainian countryside, getting to one of the European capitals by train or bus is immediately committed to the nearest autobahn. And natives European roads, back home on the bus or train.Among the most favorable for hitchhiking countries include:- Germany (be sure to sign - otherwise pedantic Germans will not understand you);- England (only have to vote with the left hand);- Portugal.Hitch with experience Zaporozhets Vyacheslav Voloshin says that in Western European countries, drivers never have to explain what the hitchhiker's travel for free. There with fellow travelers don't take the money, but if they do not - give. Indeed, not only hitchhikers a ride for free, but also often invited to his home to spend the night in the restaurant for lunch. Especially stand out for their "altruism" by the Germans. Who can rarely go hitchhiking through Germany, not having received at least 10 DM - "coffee with a muffin. The worst hitchhiking in Spain and Italy (especially if not move on highways and local roads). Three out of every four encountered on Western European roads "hitchhikers" sure to be immigrants from Eastern Europe.Relax in luxury all-inclusiveIf you rest on a package tour, all centralized, comfortable. There's nothing to think about. For comfort, of course, and overpay.Where is the rest? Most of us summer is associated with bright sun, warm sea, yellow sand, chocolate tan, ripe fruit, fascinating excursions and even resort novels. Therefore, many vacationers prefer beach holidays abroad. In the summer of 2008 in high demand among tourists traditionally enjoyed Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Egypt. European countries also are popular. In these countries you can pick up tours for every taste. In addition, they are suitable for families with children and for youth recreation. The main thing - to choose the right resort and hotel.Some hotels offer popular concept all inclusive in the price). This concept implies three meals a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner). Free - alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, light snacks during the day, large selection of free sports, free entertainment programmes for adults and children. Range of these services varies depending on the hotel. More accurate the information provided in the catalogues of each of them.Each comfortable hotel now seeks to surprise your guest, in pursuit of the championship can offer you the most original rooms, equipped with the latest technology.For example, conventional plasma display panel in the room is no surprise. But here at Le Meridien in Vienna plasma screen welcomes you in their native language every time you enter the room. Moreover, the "on TV" at any time view your bill at the hotel by entering a specific access code. Some hotels have gone a step further. Grand Hotel Wien (again in Vienna) has invented a curious thing: there's a remote control absolutely everything in the room combined with a telephone and lies at the bedside. It is possible, without rising from the bed to draw the curtains, open the doors to visitors, to regulate the air-conditioned and include heating up the sauna, " says tourism Manager Ivan European.Probably, in man inherently some sort of natural attraction to communism, and that is the success of the system "all inclusive". Paying a ticket and once in the hotel, you forget (or almost forgotten) about the existence in the world of filthy lucre, having all services and pleasure "for free". In some high-end hotels even subject to a policy of "staff does not take tips.".

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