Should you buy an apartment on the OVERSEAS resort???...what can You expect...??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Should you buy an apartment on the OVERSEAS resort???...what can You expect...??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineToday I decided to count how beneficial it is to have your corner during the "three seas". Maybe more profitable...What's more profitable: buy Bungalow Ile for the hotel to pay for a lot?To buy property in Turkey can any, would be money!Is it worth to buy housing in overseas resorts.Today I decided to count how beneficial it is to have your corner during the "three seas". Maybe more profitable housing to rent or ride in the all inclusive?On the background of the exorbitant housing prices in Ukraine, Turkish, Egyptian and even Spanish property seems cheap and available. Some advertising companies that are selling apartments on the red or Mediterranean sea, promise fairy conditions: the apartment is renovated and furnished, 340 Sunny days a year and many other delights that seem to citizens, tortured working days, just an earthly Paradise.And the prices are such that the average resident of Kiev only smile. Studio apartment in the capital's residential area Obolon can cost about as much as a Villa in Egypt. Do not be surprised, for 180 thousand dollars there you can buy a house with access to the sea in a well developed village with all necessary infrastructure. Neither the capital, nor in the Crimea we have anything similar did not find.Of course, if you put the same 180 thousand in Bank, on interest, and today it is about 20 thousand dollars, you can relax at sea for several months. But we will assume that real estate is getting more expensive not less than bear Bank interest.TurkeyIn recent years the real estate in this country is quite expensive. The Villa can be found at prices comparable with houses near Kiev. However, we are interested in the apartment. Seaside apartments cost about 700-1000 euros per square meter. Standard apartment-Studio, one-bedroom would cost at least 40 euros, or 65 thousand dollars.In Turkey there is an annual property tax. While it varies from region to region. The tax for housing is 0.3-0.4% of the declared value of the property per year. So the apartment over 65 thousand dollars will cost about 250 dollars a year. The utility costs vary. If the dwelling is an apartment building, property management once a year at the General meeting approves the amount of monthly contributions from these money are paid Concierge, building cleaning, repair of engineering systems, cleaning and landscaping of the adjacent territory, and so forth, the amount of payments on average range from 15 to 75 dollars a month. Take the average price at $ 40 per month or $ 500 per year. Separately have to pay for electricity (0,22 USD per kWh) and water ($1 per cubic meter).So, the apartment costs at least $ 1,000 a year. As in the previous case, we add a minimum of $ 500 on repairs and upgrades. Therefore, prepare 1500 dollars.If to remove in Turkey room in a five star hotel, the price in double room without meals or only Breakfast will cost you $ 800.PitfallsIf you care about the time, it is easier to make a purchase of the apartment by a legal entity. In this case, the procedure is more simple, the whole process, including registration of the firm, will take a week. These costs are about 1000-1500 Euro. The procedure of purchasing property by a private individual, regardless of nationality, on average, will take up to 6 months. The additional time required to obtain permits to purchase from the Military Department in Izmir and Chief cadastral management in Ankara.TOTAL:housing is beneficial only if you spend on vacation more than 2 weeks a year.EgyptAnother year and a half ago, Villa of 300 square meters on the red sea could be bought for 100 thousand dollars. Now the prices have grown almost in 2 times. From the latest model available is a 400-meter Villa for 160 thousand dollars. Apartments here are cheaper - for 35 thousand dollars you can buy a furnished area of 55 square meters. In the brochure it's called "Studio one bedroom" that we mean "kopeck piece", where the living room combined with kitchen.So, if you buy such an apartment, you will spend 35 thousand dollars. In this case, the maintenance of housing for the year will take significantly less than in Turkey. Most importantly, the annual real estate tax in Egypt no. The rent costs $ 20./a month that will be about 240 dollars a year. Annual assessments for the maintenance of swimming pools, gardens, sports fields, tracks or other facilities, if any, the estates, where the average is $ 100-140./year, the rest is cheap: electricity - 0,05 $ /kW, water - 0,1-0,5 $ /m3 depending on the area and the cylinder of gas is about $ 1. So, in a year you are unlikely to spend more than $ 500 on the contents of such housing. Add to this the need to update the furniture and household appliances, and small repairs at least once in 10 years and will receive a minimum of costs in the amount of $ 500. All you will need $ 1000. The ticket in two ends per person on the Charter flight Kiev - Hurghada - Kiev costs about 350-450 dollars depending on the season. For simplicity, subtract this amount from the prices of the offered tours. It turns out that the week in a five star hotel will cost not more than $ 250 per person without meals that are the equivalent of renting a double room for 2 weeks.PitfallsAccording to unofficial data, if a foreigner wants to sell bought earlier in Egypt real estate, he may face some difficulties - the Egyptian authorities without much enthusiasm relate to the outflow of funds from the country. So some foreigners draw up a General power of attorney on your name, which gives you the opportunity to sell, donate and generally to dispose of housing.TOTAL:housing beneficial, only if you will stay there for more than 2 weeks a year.Someone overseas to live well?So, to get the opportunity to relax in your own apartment, you need to freeze from 35 to 100 thousand dollars. If you have the money, then the interest on Deposit bring you from 4 to 13 thousand dollars a year. For this money it is very good to relax for several months.If you expect that same rate will go up and your property, it can be easily computed: first, the global mortgage crisis may affect even developing regions, and secondly, the economic and political situation in these countries are less peaceful than in Europe or Ukraine. Yes and the difference in the mindset of Europeans, Egyptians and Turks is very different.Another problem for ordinary Ukrainians may be the fact that hardly anyone of us can afford to relax more than 3 weeks per year. But invest tens of thousands of dollars for the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in his apartment - not a good idea.Their homes can be rented out. And in Turkey, and in Egypt there are management companies who are willing to pay you for something that will take your home. This money will cover the taxes and utilities, even some left, but then the apartment becomes a regular hotel. I think that many Ukrainians would go for it.It turns out that such housing is profitable only for retirees or those who can afford a long time to dawdle. Ideal for young grandparents who travel from Ukraine for 3-6 months a year with his grandchildren to soak in warm countries.

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