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Where to invest money, so they are NOT WASTED!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineLife is known for its surprises. Regularly we are often not ready for serious health problems, accidents and natural disasters. Are there any in a changing world, something...Life or iron: what is better to invest your money?Life is known for its surprises. Regularly we are often not ready for serious health problems, accidents and natural disasters. Are there any in a changing world, something that insures us life), garanterede if not full stability, then at least confidence in the future.Awareness on zeroGrowing up, we some less, others more thinking about how and what will happen to us if an accident happens, if we lose the capacity or will remain without a roof over your head. But think a little, we must act. Need pereshagnut barer distrust of the insurance, and the pain to the accumulation of Finance in insurance.As told by the consultant of the insurance company "PRO100", Ukrainians do not believe in life insurance. "Our customers would rather seek to hedge iron than to protect their lives, family, property," says the insurer. "And we can get people to pay even the minimum amount on life insurance in the current environment it is simply impossible".According to the consultant SC ALICO AIG Life, ambiguous political and economic situation in Ukraine in recent years, has resulted in extremely low insurance culture in our country. "The fundamental desire of every person to have confidence in the future - for our citizens came third plan," says a company representative. - Low living standards, lack of financial culture of the Ukrainian market does not allow, for example, insurance to be widely disseminated. But it's a matter of time. In any case, the Ukrainians will come to the understanding that profits can be earned, only defending your life".To insure the life, not enough to be porosozeroshuyales man, you should be able to take responsibility for their future and that of his family. After all, you don't want to become a burden to their family or to leave the family without a breadwinner who you are now, and livelihoods.The arguments in favor ofHesitant in purchasing policy, I would like to note that over the last 100 years in the world practice has not happened bankruptcy companies for life insurance. There is the probability of absorption of a small IC large, from which the policyholder can only win, becoming a prestigious client company.Buying insurance policy, you not only protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances, but will get 4% guaranteed income plus additional investment income, depending on the company's investment policy. In recent years, total investment income, which provide their clients insurance life, range 11-17% per annum.The demographic situation in Ukraine leaves much to be desired. Because in the next 10 years, the working population will decrease and people of retirement age will become more and more necessary about the age to start thinking 25-30 years. The older you get, the harder it is to save money. Do not forget also about the medical examination, which will arrange some company for the long-term life insurance policy. The presence of certain diseases, and age are taken into account and increase the cost of the policy. Because: the younger the cheaper.Profitable businessIf you understand life insurance, if you choose a reliable insurance company and the proper life of the program, can be very lucrative.Experts rightly notice that one of the most serious problems that hinder the development of life insurance in Ukraine is the lack of awareness of the population about the possibilities of this type of insurance. "People don't know anything about life insurance, nor that it is an investment instrument" — outraged representatives of the insurance community. However, as noted by the insurers, this type of insurance can help not only to insure the life, but also to accumulate for retirement.The yield which is the life insurers were able to earn for their clients last year, was an all-time high. In the average market indicator of investment income that was accrued by companies to customers who have signed long-term life insurance contracts, fluctuated at around 10-15%, and often higher. All this became possible thanks to the placement of the lion's share of funds in Bank deposits(up to the beginning of 2008, the limit was 70%), as well as the investment of reserves in securities. By the end of 2007, consolidated the PFTS index grew by a record 136%(for comparison: in 2006 it had risen to only 41.3, 2005-1 – by 35.7%)This year, however, insurers will not be able to please such percent from beyond the dizzying inflation and falling stock market. For the first quarter of 2008, the PFTS index fell by more than 18%, and by the end of April lost almost 11%. But the market is not sitting still, companies are actively looking for tools that not only guarantee the client the mandatory safety of the funds, but provided 4% of the guaranteed income.Taking into accountSo, you finally decided to get a life insurance policy. We should clarify that we're talking about the conclusion of contracts of life insurance that are issued for 10, 15 and 25 years. The duration of the life insurance contract will depend on the size of payments when the insured event, as well as the diversity of privileges, which can provide the UK.(for example, reduction of a loan in a Bank).Sleduyutsim step should be choosing an insurance company. Because you trust the UK not only their savings, but also life, the issue should be approached carefully. First, check the international rating company(if any), let's see how the company works at the market, read mention of it in the media and read reviews about its activities on the forums.If you are seriously thinking about life insurance, You need to flip through the pages of the following websites and check how they say that Your chosen company for lice.www.uainsur.com - League of insurance organizations of Ukrainewww.allinsurance.ru website dedicated to insurancewww.forbes.com - the Website of Forbes magazinewww.sandp.com Rating Agency standard&PoorsAfter reading "credit history" of the insurance company, feel free to go to learn the details from the consultants of the UK.Making a decision about long-term life insurance contract, you have to remember that the annual insurance premium will be the least 400-500 Euro.e. Some companies also offer to pay for the year "indexing" is the amount resulting from the inflation of the currency in which the contract was concluded.In order to more clearly understand that the policyholder gets in an accident, we will give an example. Young man 26 years of age, is adjudged to be in an accident and gets injured(loss of leg) in which it is recognized to be totally disabled. This happens on the 5th year after he did. For five years he had to pay 10000 UAH(plus indexation). The insurance company paid the young man immediately 42300 UAH(plus indexing) and from that moment shall pay him the remaining annual contributions in the total amount of UAH 30 000 (plus indexation). After the expiry of the contract, the insured person will receive 143000 UAH (plus indexation). Total in total, the insured person will receive 215300 UAH (plus indexation). The same scheme can act in case of illness. However, insurance companies providing such services on the Ukrainian market a bit.Also you should know that the insurance company agrees to pay in advance of the stated amount after the accident in the first or second day after the conclusion of the contract of life insurance. You will be able to receive payments within 48 hours after filing You and your confidant.Statistics say that more than 9 million Ukrainians (20% of the population) are experiencing financial difficulties in the event of sickness, accident, death, retirement, unexpected expenses.

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