Banks expand the range of services! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Banks expand the range of services! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineServices provided to the population by Ukrainian banks despite their apparent diversity, is very limited...Banking services will become moreServices provided to the population by Ukrainian banks despite their apparent diversity, are very limited. However, the first steps to remedy the situation have already been made, but these are sporadic and not systematic. Banks, moreover, have to make allowances for the financial crisis, but the ice, as they say, moved on.Take, for example, so popular today in the world of banking service as Internet acquiring. Internet acquiring, as a component of electronic Commerce, represents the activity of the credit institution (acquirer), including settlements with entities of e-Commerce operations, which are performed with the use of Bank cards on the Internet.Today banks providing this service in Ukraine, less than the fingers on one hand. And it's not because our banks there is a shortage of IT specialists capable of developing the appropriate software. In Ukraine there is no widespread demand for such a service because the target audience has not yet matured, and accounting departments of companies are still not able to readjust to the new requirements.If you are going to bet that the services of Internet banking, claimed by some Ukrainian financial institutions, operate in the same way as in developed countries, feel free to get ready for the fact that this bet will have to pay you. If the EU and the US system of online payments are automated, our banks, usually with a beautiful picture on the monitor these payments are serviced by Bank operators manually, the old fashioned way. The beautiful illusion of belonging to world progress and remains an illusion.On this day, for example, in the USA Internet banking use 4 out of 10 Americans. In Ukraine this figure is less than 20 times. Our analysts promise to increase users in this area 2 times by 2010, but this forecast is not particularly happy: the computer literacy of the population in the country is still not up to par. In the US and Europe customer Internet banking can not only check the status of your accounts and transfer money, and to order a payment card, to open deposits, to buy or sell currency.In its infancy and is located in Ukraine such service as private banking service for individual customers and not necessarily VIP. This range of services includes managing private investors ' capital, tax planning, financial Advisory, issuing payment cards, services, art consultants, etc. In Ukrainian private banking range of services is much narrower than in the West. Ukrainian bankers besides, although say they provide private banking, could not arrange quality service. Banks generally either don't have enough trained account managers, or may not provide the necessary level of comfort.Next year experts expect a boom on the banks special purpose services. The hardships of the impact of the global financial crisis on the Ukrainian economy stimulate banks to expand the range of Deposit programs. Apparently, to the usual "child" and pension deposits will add new, such as "female" or "repair". Bankers are now actively studying the experience of European colleagues and will certainly try to apply it to Ukrainian realities, but they are still late. After all there was for them no secret that women are more likely to use credit when buying a car. However, no Ukrainian Bank did not react in a timely manner and did not run in the pricelist of services of the product, aimed at Ukrainian motorists.The majority of Ukrainian banks offer standard Deposit line: with the yield paid monthly, quarterly, at maturity, advance payment or capitalization of interest. Only recently bankers have started to offer combined banking products. One of the combined deposits - a Deposit insurance program. The interest on this Deposit, the Bank shall transfer the insurance company saving account life insurance or as a means of payment, for example, travel insurance or hull insurance policy. But there are pitfalls: this insurance is not insurance, if the Bank sells the service, referring to affiliated insurance company. After all, the financial problems of the Bank, as a rule, automatically lead to the same problems affiliate of the insurer. Accordingly, difficulties may arise with the insurance claim. Indicative in this case is the cooperation of one of the largest in Ukraine "Prominvestbank" with the insurance company "Veksel", its subsidiary.Almost typed in our country a dozen banks that provide multi-currency deposits - term Deposit in multiple currencies. Indeed, multi-currency deposits (merging into one account three currencies: UAH, USD, Euro) offer, not all, most banks promotes dual currency deposits (Euro/dollar). The yield of these deposits is significantly below the standard in local currency, and almost everywhere does not allow free migration from currency to currency, so people who want to play on the difference in rates is little, and therefore the service is bad.It is not excluded, experts say that in the near future, domestic banks will begin to access indexed deposits. Interest thereon is partially tied to the profitability of a particular investment instrument - for example, the cost of oil, changes in stock index, currency values. But it will remain only a supposition, while the country will not earn a full-fledged stock market. But such in Ukraine, so how about this banking service, and on the General funds of Bank management (Bank) in the country to speak still early. But in Russia, for example, funds of Bank management are allowed to invest in stocks, bonds, cash, deposits, foreign currency, derivative instruments, securities of foreign companies and municipalities, precious stones, precious metals, raw material resources (oil, gas). But Russia has already developed a stock market, while Ukraine still can only envy. Therefore, the Ukrainian banks are a significant portion of funds earned on deposits refer mainly to loans and only a small proportion invested in stocks and bonds.The lack of a full-fledged stock market makes it almost impossible and launching such important services as hedging currency risks. Abroad for this purpose, derivative securities: futures, options and swaps. Alas, at the legislative level, no mechanism of action of these tools. According to the regulation on the procedure of foreign exchange trading to hedge risks of changes in foreign exchange rates of the first group of the classifier of foreign currencies (freely convertible currencies, which are widely used) foreign currency relative to another of the same group or the hryvnia banks and resident foreign economic entities have the right to carry out foreign exchange transactions only on terms "forward". Besides the cash currency market of Ukraine is highly dependent on interbank and interbank - from the actions of the national Bank. And the national Bank for a time rigidly kept the exchange rate at the same level; the lack of currency market also discourages the use of hedge currency risks (hedge - to insure).Unfortunately, Ukraine's economy is suffering from inertia and is not yet able to adapt quickly to the demands of the modern world economic development. For many years she cooked in its own juice, and just this year joined the camp of the countries members of the WTO. This event has brought momentum to the Ukrainian market, has forced the business activity to develop them. And if not for the global financial crisis, we probably would have already seen a revival of activity in the Ukrainian economy, and with it - and the revitalization of the Ukrainian banks in the sphere of services. In any case, it'll be done.

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