How to avoid BECOMING a VICTIM of a problem BANK? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

How to avoid BECOMING a VICTIM of a problem BANK? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIn recent days, the domestic media excite message about a General decrease in long-term credit ratings of some small Ukrainian banks...It should be noted that the reduction long-term credit rating is not talking about the imminent bankruptcy of the Bank, but the people who entrust their savings to such a Bank, you should think about the feasibility of their further storage there.As a rule, small banks attract customers high interest rates, but in the context of globalization and the possibility of entering the world markets, their resources are not interesting for stable firms and companies, and loans with high interest rates, usually take a company with a dubious reputation, which ultimately leads to the growth of problem debts to the Bank. In turn, each of such bad debts leads to the fact that coming to the Bank for your Deposit, you simply can't have it.How to recognize the troubled Bank ?There are a number of signs that will allow You to understand that working with the Bank more inappropriate:1. The Manager of the Bank under various pretexts offers you an extension Deposit agreement for another year, while You do not pay the Deposit in cash, even under the assurance that you will bring the money in a week;2. You call a month before the termination of the Deposit agreement and propose to extend it at higher interest rates;3. You can deny receiving your contributions for some time under various specious pretexts;4. Begins to receive information about what the Bank pays late more than one day, or that people can't get their input ahead of time;5. In the press and the Internet, there are no messages on the current activities of the Bank and no annual report;6. Begins downsizing the Bank and delay the payment of salaries.To verify the accuracy of all these factors is extremely simple. You need to make a phone call to the Bank and ask how quickly you can get the whole amount of the Deposit, saying that you urgently need money. If the Bank Manager to agree to give You money immediately without delay, then the Bank is doing well, but if you start to tell about difficulties of termination of the Deposit agreement, the Bank obviously has no money.Important when placing money on Deposit in the Bank for long periods of time at least once a month to be interested in the situation in the Bank. Come to the Bank, ask around its employees and watch them, listen to their conversations, and you will surely be able to determine the number of signs given by me above.The era of small pocket banks comes to an end.A country like Ukraine don't need so many banks. Today bakeries in Ukraine is much smaller than Bank branches. Think, does the consumption of bread in Ukraine is less than the consumption of banking products? Today, according to the production plans of the banks with their planned indicators for many products exceed the needs of Ukrainians in such products. For example: to execute a plan this year on deposits it is necessary that everyone, including infants, have contributed to a Deposit of 800.e. in a month, and so on throughout the year.There are exceptionsSome small banks have been created by the owners to suit your needs, specifically the needs of their businesses. For example: there are a number of banks tied under construction projects or entire network. The profitability of these businesses enables you to pay high interest rates to depositors, but believe me; that to become a depositor of this Bank can only be elected.

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