AS more PROFITABLE to buy an apartment with or without repair??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

AS more PROFITABLE to buy an apartment with or without repair??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIn Ukrainian and especially Kiev real estate market a lot of offers apartments with nice finishing. The future owners of such property, the question often arises - do we need such a purchase and need...To buy an apartment with or without repair - depends on YouIn Ukrainian and especially Kiev real estate market a lot of offers apartments with nice finishing. The future owners of such property, the question often arises - do we need such a purchase and need it at all, if the taste regarding interior decoration at everyone? Choice - with or without repair is always on You.The desired and actualOffers developers a broad and intended for those who have only enough funds on the box with the bare walls, and on those who are willing to pay for the house "turnkey". Actually, finishing options there are not two, but three: draft (naked stecatherine walls and ceiling), finishing (walls and ceiling primed, plastered, fully prepared for wallpapering and other maintenance actions) and finishing or finishing "turnkey" (repairs in the apartment is fully made, the owners remains to bring only furniture), tells of an apartment broker Ivan Teresi.The question of the need to do expensive VIP repair of apartments in new houses all the time under discussion by the specialists of elite residential real estate. Who needs a repair in a luxury building, very prestigious, then if the buyers all remake? It turns out, right, argues Ivan Teresi. New apartments with an expensive VIP renovation "turn-key" buy and very active.Another thing is that to find an apartment of necessary parameters is difficult, namely: price, number of rooms, the availability of secured Parking areas, layout and other characteristics. 75% of what is proposed in the capital - apartment in the old housing stock with many inappropriate flaws. No protected Parking, low floor, a terrible kind of entrances. Beautifully renovated apartments are not sold for years precisely because of such "nuances".No wonder people say: overhaul - a natural disaster. This convinced those who bought concrete square meters, redecorated 1-3 years, and then another 3 years lived "on site" due to lengthy repairs at the neighbors. Well, if there is, where to live all the time. What if you did? In addition, if one of the facilities only the bare walls, then before entering, it is necessary to do a full repair. And the actual time of settlement is postponed indefinitely. The main problem is that many apartments are bought for resale, so the repair begins only in two-three years, when infused permanent residents. It turns out that the first settlers who bought apartments immediately after returning home, forced to listen as the newly arrived neighbors banging, sawing and plane for the next three or five years. In addition, to other sounds added a high risk of flood. And the people who have made repair, have for several years to endure the inconvenience."Yes, and affluent customers today do not bother with long renovated, and prefer ready to move in apartment. In case of investing money in the purchase of this apartment to further rent it, invite experienced experts from real estate agencies. Apartment with an expensive repair and buy for themselves, because in recent times, sellers of apartments on a turn became a very responsible approach to the quality of renovated. Understanding: the better to carry out repairs, the more expensive this VIP apartment to sell!", "says the broker company NFC Andrey Romanishin.All apartments with VIP repair in elite new buildings can be divided into two groups. The first group includes apartment "for sale". In this case, people make a quality designer renovation themselves, change and approve alterations no claim to super - originality. Vendors such as apartments carefully study the requirements of customers regarding the design, the layout, and even furniture. And buyers of such apartments are often happy with the existing repair and nothing happened.The second group: the apartment made for myself. These apartments have bright individual design details that require huge financial costs that sellers include the cost of the apartment. But buyers also buy them, live in them for a while, and then partially undone.If the purchase of the apartment buyer's pushed the location of the building, its status, species characteristics, the buyer is willing to incur considerable costs to settle it in the home of their dreams. For this he is ready to pay for at least two repairs, which is made in the apartment, and a new, made to your taste."When there is a choice between buying a home in a new the need to spend several years of his life to its construction or purchase of a more expensive apartment, but with the repairs, which need to partially liquidate then some excesses in the style, there is always this choice is made in favor of the second option. This is quite justified: personal time is worth more than the money", says Andrey Romanishin.Deceptively expensiveMost inexpensive apartments too often give up already "turnkey". They are purchased at the public certificates, or through the sale of apartments with an additional charge. "Get a house, mostly people who have no money to make repairs. After a few years, they may have a, and repairs still make. But at the time of entry it is impossible", - says Ivan Teresi. It is clear that when trim is used here all the cheapest: Wallpaper, plumbing, doors and more. After all social housing should be available, i.e., cheap. But the more expensive finish, the more expensive square meter. To lay in the cost of socila finish higher level makes no sense."In the house of elite level super - finishing is also not needed, but for a different reason: still the owners redo it to your liking. In such houses is usually done finishing trim. Practice for finishing of luxury homes, mainly distributed abroad, where houses are completed with finishes. There is all planned by design projects: from lamps to furniture. But in our country even the middle class prefers the apartment without finishing. So the builders are preparing the floor and walls, and the settlers then themselves or with the designer doing the repairs, what they want," says Ivan Teresi.Depending on repair of apartment turnkey can cost 40-200% more expensive than bare. But it may be another option when the company in order to attract customers, making the repair almost "nothing". Then wealthy customers are buying an apartment it is she, after all competitors at the same price offer some walls.On the Kiev real estate market, according to experts, this technique for many years successfully used by a large construction company. "This is understandable: there are two identical homes with equal cost per square meter, but no one finishes and the other is, obviously, apartments quickly snap up where the finish is", says Andrey Romanishin. More economical for the client to enter the house with the finish. First, the repair moves when you move and live somewhere need. Secondly, don't waste money, time and nerves on the selection of building materials and the search firm. "But, unfortunately, in most cases, customers are not satisfied with the repairs made by the developer. But if the situation is not to your taste, then why do I need this apartment?", - says Andrey Romanishin."When choosing housing clients, first of all, pay attention to the place, then the layout, and then the finish.

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