Which banks are currently working with a mortgage? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Which banks are currently working with a mortgage? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIn Ukraine were the days when to get a mortgage could only favorites. Today, even "white" salary...Alive: what banks are still working with a mortgageMortgage out on indefinite leaveThe dream of your own apartment is delayed at least a yearToday, the share of apartments purchased on credit is only 10% of the total number of transactions. Although still early in the year, this figure reached 80%. It will get worse, warn bankers.In Ukraine were the days when to get a mortgage could only favorites. Today, even "white" salary at $2-3 thousand is not a guarantee of solvency of borrowers. Banks have tightened the requirements for its customers, but also increased the size of the down payment, and also reduced the credit period for standard mortgage programs to 10-15 years. And did so even those financial institutions that have formally ceased mortgage lending.Credits are not issued, and the interest growAccording to the company "Kreditsvit", the average interest rate on mortgage loans in October increased compared with September by 0.33% to 18%. A small increase is explained by the fact that most banks only declare their wager and credits are not issued, explains the Executive Director of Love Slobodenyuk. Now, according to "Creditswith", under the mortgage 18-22% annual give only three banks."Today, the average rate on mortgage loans in the national currency is 28,08% per annum in USD and EUR 16,38% and 16.5% respectively, says the Internet newspaper "NOW" Alexander Gray, an analyst of the company "Prostobank Consulting". — Next week rates in euros may rise. In addition, if in hryvna to get a loan is difficult, but possible, in dollars and Euro's impossible".Bankers explain the constant increase of the rates by the inability to obtain external loans. In these circumstances, one of the few tools to replenish financial resources remain the deposits on which interest is constantly increasing. Their growth raises rates on loans.In addition to ongoing higher cost of credit, from November 1, many banks have increased the size of the down payment to 50%. "The amount of the first payment was increased by the secondary mortgage in connection with a clearly emerging trend to cheaper housing in Kiev", — said the Internet newspaper "NOW" in a press-service of First investment Bank. When this preference in loans given to borrowers with a class of solvency "And" (the borrower solvency, credit risks are absent, there is not the slightest doubt as to the timeliness of loan repayment and interest), and only then consider applications from other candidates.Nobody wants a primaryThe study, conducted by the company "Prostobank Consulting", revealed that out of 60 first hundred banks, in national currency lending to only four: "Bank of Moscow" (BM), "Sberbank of Russia", "PRAVEX-Bank" and "BROKBUSINESSBANK". "Just this week, banks "Forum" and "Sabanc" temporarily suspended mortgage lending," says Gray.In the call center of the Bank "Forum" to the correspondent of the Internet newspaper "NOW" has told that the application for a mortgage loan they are considering. In "Sabanci" referred to the NBU resolution No. 319 and ready to disburse loans at the Bank's discretion.In addition, now you can forget about housing in the new building. Banks are willing to lend to only the houses, put into operation. "If those trends that clearly began to occur on the primary housing market (mass stop and freeze construction projects. — "NOW"), lending to this segment in the coming months may be terminated, given the well-grounded fears of potential buyers not to get my apartment in time", say the First investment Bank."To lend to the primary winding in today's environment, no one will" — said the Internet newspaper "NOW" the head of one of the banks. With minimal mortgage lending volumes and mass to stop the construction of unnecessary headache in the form of unfinished objects, useless, said the banker.Next year mortgage will only intensify, bankers predict.

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