HOW NOT to GET into credit trouble?HOW to avoid BECOMING a VICTIM of fraud??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

HOW NOT to GET into credit trouble?HOW to avoid BECOMING a VICTIM of fraud??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe Ukrainian credit market is a young and profitable, and, therefore, particularly attractive for financial frauds that victimize honest citizens and the banks themselves. The number of credit fraud is not...The Ukrainian credit market is a young and profitable, and, therefore, particularly attractive for financial frauds that victimize honest citizens and the banks themselves. The number of credit fraud is not reduced, and the skill of fraudsters is growing: sometimes the chain fraud can't untangle even the most experienced operatives...Last week there appeared information about the fact that fifty people received letters from UniCredit Bank's requirements urgently to repay the loan. And in this there would be nothing surprising, if not one "but": to obtain letters "borrowers" have never heard of that are clients of the Bank, but did not even know about the existence of this Bank...According to the head of the security service of JSC TFB "Contract" Leonid Cooper, "most likely, the victims became the victim of the fraudulent scheme, which was organized and conducted by the group. This scheme is based on the creation of false passports using real data of natural persons, i.e. names, addresses, and other information are real. Can also be used lost or stolen passport, to make additions and changes, for example, pasted picture". As noted by expert Internet newspaper "NOW", despite the existence of about 20 signs of originality of the passport, "in practice, a Bank employee in the study documents the potential borrower cannot always detect a fake ID, forged the certificate of identification code and the income statement".Time, money, nervesAs reported by the Internet newspaper "NOW" the chief of the division of programme promotion of retail lending of the Bank "Credit-Dnepr" Natalia Xenica, "when applying for a loan the presence of the owner's passport is required. The only exception is at the stage of signing the loan agreement in case when the owner of the passport (i.e. the borrower), it is signed by a third party, providing the employee of the Bank notarized power of attorney confirming the authority of the signatory". In all other cases, to grant a loan without the presence of the person acting on behalf of the borrower, is prohibited."Since the conclusion of the contract the customer in the Bank is required to identify, in the event of litigation and, if desired, law enforcement system to establish the truth of expertise will be able to establish that, for example, the same signature on the contracts and copies of the documents were phony. Another thing is that this whole process will take time, money and nerves", - said General Director of asset management company "Ineko-invest" Oleg Carrots. By the way, according to the expert, effective ways to avoid interaction with the credit scams and 100% to protect yourself from fraud today.Who is to blame?If the potential borrower comes to the Bank for the purpose of obtaining credit, while presenting a foreign passport, and still gets credit, there can be seen fraudulent activity on the part of employee of the Bank, experts say. If the borrower turning to the financial institution makes a fake passport, but the fact of the forgery credit expert to install could not say that to blame the Bank, incorrectly, as there are fraudulent action on the part of the borrower. "Make the loan officers of the Bank shall on the basis of original documents of the borrower, to make copies of them. Loan officer must have the basic skills to identify the fake documents. For example, a print relief print on the first page of the passport must capture the top right corner of the photo, and the number of relief print – to match the number of the mastic seal, an impression of which is affixed in the lower left corner on the second page of the passport. The presence of the passport of erasures and traces of glue, including under the photo (on clearance), and uneven form of photography suggests that the passport could be fake," says "Credit-Dnepr"."It's no secret that information on passport data of the person and other personal information, potentially in Ukraine. So today no one is immune from the agenda in which he was informed that he should come to the Bank and to repay the loan, which he has no idea. All depends on the lack of legislation, weak judicial protection of ordinary Ukrainians and the notorious human factor. For example, the same consumer loans today are very easy to get, and it, like the consumer. But my "medals" in the opposite direction – not always the Bank employees when granting consumer loans have the time and the opportunity for a more careful and thorough identification, while not ruled out, and the interest of individuals to make loans to the false customers," said Carrots the Internet newspaper "NOW"."The quality of Bank staff is the best protection against fraud with documents," Cooper agrees, adding that employees should be trained on what signs to look for when working with a client and his documents. In addition, according to the expert, growth of fraud in consumer lending and promotes the fact that so far banks of Ukraine do not have access to the database of lost passports. "In accordance with paragraph 5 of the presidential Decree of Ukraine "About the measures on strengthening the protection of the rights of Bank customers and ensure stability in the banking system" of 18 July 2006 (No. 624/2006), Ukrainian banks have long had access to such a database: "the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, the state Committee for financial monitoring of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance with the participation of the National Bank of Ukraine to ensure the identification of persons who are parties to financial transactions, create to 1 February 2007, information-reference system regarding lost documents providing the banks with access to the system." However, the Decree is not executed, which, according to experts, testifies to the absence of government approach to combating fraud in the financial sector. "Banks may be in the future and will have access to the information reference system regarding lost passports, but when it happens, it is difficult to predict," notes Cooper.The rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowningToday the banks are to decide issues of security, including issues to minimize their risks when establishing customer relationships. The identification of individuals using fake passports to open accounts, obtain loans and conduct other banking transactions that occur in banking institutions, where the client requests services in different banks and business are organized differently."To identify scams in banks developed appropriate methods of detection of false documents. In addition, to detect discrepancies of the data provided by the client system may be used special clarifying questions. Also created a model portraits borrowers higher risk, a number of banks applies WEB-photographing clients at the place of registration of the credit to Supplement photo credit files of a person taking out a credit. In future it is used in case of dispute," says Leonid Bondar. The expert recognizes that attempts to provide clients enough correct information and documents with signs of use "advanced computer technology" took place, however, these clients were found at the initial stage of the interaction, and they were refused service.

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