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ATTENTION ALL: For the sea life is not bad, after that this is the MIRACLE!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineAbout the various troubles that lead to...At sea and on land take care of the throat, nose and ears!About different troubles, resulting in the ENT office, told otolaryngologist of the highest category Vladimir STAS.Large tonsils - not a sign of illness- Hello! Worried about Alla from Kiev. My child is 5 years old. Doctors say that he's got chronic pharyngitis, or tonsillitis, enlarged tonsils. What do we do?- Sometimes, when the tonsils are very enlarged, it hurt the back of your throat causing discomfort. Your child should see, and so I can't say for sure. The size of the tonsils is not an indicator of pathology.Chronic tonsillitis and appears with small tonsils, which is not even visible. There is such a feature of childhood: lymphadenoma fabric, in particular Palatine tonsils, grow. You need to see a pediatric ENT specialist. Possible partial removal. But with age, the adenoid tissue and the tissue of the tonsils decreases. And from 6 to 13 years all normal.- Tatyana, Chernihiv. Such question. My husband born with enlarged tonsils. They in principle do not bother. Do I need to do something? 48.- Have clear indications for tonsillectomy: frequent sore throat with a touch and a terrible pain in the throat when the temperature rises to 39-40 degrees and lasts for several days. In your situation there is no sense in surgical intervention. It is not excluded, the spouse may be pharyngitis, is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, which under certain conditions periodically worried. Go to the doctor in the clinic or hospital involved in the cryotherapy pharyngitis.Why after bathing is otitis media?- Sergey from Kiev. Good day! The weekend of soul splash in the river, and now I'm flying ears. Explain why after bathing appears otitis media?- Otitis there are two kinds. When an external inflamed skin of the ear canal. Then, chewing and touch cause pain. Most often the inflammation provokes water. When you swim a lot, she gets into the ear, occurs maceration (soaking) of the skin of the auditory canal, and appear microtrauma. Then they penetrate the infection and inflammation begins.But the otitis of the middle ear usually develop with difficult nasal breathing, when, for example, there are anatomical abnormalities or poorly functioning Eustachian tube. The cause of otitis media - an infection that falls from the nasal cavity through the Eustachian tube into the tympanic cavity.- A straight line? Natalia from Nikolaev. Prompt how to struggle with sulfuric jams. I brush my ears just a day, but recently read on the Internet that is so often impossible. Really?- If cerumen impactions, you will be entertained by a doctor. Isolation of sulfur - normal physiological state. Someone has it stands out more, someone less. Means a lot and the shape of the auditory canal. When bending a solid, sulfur lingers and turns into a tube. They just need to periodically wash, only it must be done by the doctor. Regarding the frequency of cleansing the ears. Every day if you perform this procedure, only not too intense and not too deep.Air conditioning - friend and foe- Hello! Igor from Lugansk. Good day. Notice that after you travel on the subway often get a runny nose. Is it just coincidence?"Maybe not. First, the subway is the temperature difference: it's hot outside - it's cold, or Vice versa. Such changes often react vessels in the nose. Secondly, in the subway drafts. Because of them, the dust rises, and with it the allergens that settle on the mucous membrane and also can cause a runny nose. If you do happen often cold after traveling in the subway, you need to consult a doctor and take a swab from the mucous membranes. Probably there pathogenic microorganisms, which under certain conditions causes the exacerbation of the process.- Elena, Kiev. Hello! In the office at work, I sit under the air conditioner and either get sick, or the team have to suffer from the heat. Is there a way to reduce the harm of conditioning to a minimum?I think you should go to Laura and to check the condition of its mucous membrane. Probably there are some "malicious" flora. When the temperature difference it is activated and causes a pathological condition.

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