How to sell an apartment is more EXPENSIVE? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

How to sell an apartment is more EXPENSIVE? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineTo keep the customer today is only significant...Secondary market: the ball on the side of the buyerTo keep the customer today can only be a significant price reduction.The last five years the rules of the game on the secondary real estate market dictated sellers. They have established the selling price, refused to bargain with buyers and did not pay commissions to realtors. In the past month everything has been turned upside down.A buyer's market. BargainNow the market is ruled by buyers. And their main trump card - the small number. If earlier to view the owner of the Studio apartment was queued up, now it shows the beauty of his apartment at best once a month.The main feature of today's situation in the "secondary" - required a PostScript at the end of each advertised phrase "the bargain". Sellers do agree to bargain with a potential buyer, they aspire to it, because it can only hold a substantial price reduction. "If the buyer is really interested in the apartment, he has all the chances to bargain with the seller to reduce the price by 3-5%," says Lydia Rajski, head of Department residential property company "Trajectory".Arguments for the priceWhen bargaining with the seller realtors is now called the five most popular arguments:to remind that the market is in deep stagnation,-to mention predictable in the near future the prices will collapse-to emphasize the fact that the choice of apartments is now the richest,-ask the seller straight in the eyes: "So you want money or not?".The strongest argument in the auction has been and remains the fact of having the entire amount in the hands of the customer, emphasized Anatoly Topol, Executive Director of real estate Agency "Kiani".In the process of bargaining is important not to overdo it, otherwise you might lose the opportunity to purchase an attractive apartment option. "The process of bargaining does not accept the strong language," warns Topol. And adds: "If the apartment is for sale for 120 thousand.e., pointless after 5 min of meeting her seller peremptorily declare, that will give her 90 thousand and not a penny more. These buyers usually immediately expose the door".Who and what is inferior"Trajectory" tell that now willingly take off in price sales of objects that are pledged to the Bank: "the Price of the mortgaged apartment depends on the situation in which the borrower, that is, how urgently he needs to sell the apartment: if he got under the penalties in the financial institution, if the apartment is on the auction or the borrower just decided to sell the apartment to buy more space".According to the specialist, a large share of embedded apartments sell borrowers because insolvency, eager to pay off their debts. These apartments put up for sale by 10-15% cheaper than the market, and while watching them you can reduce the price by a further 0.5 to 1.5%.As a result, in monetary terms it turns a tidy sum discounts (from 10 to 20 thousand.(e.). It is also easy to haggle with the sellers of apartments in the new building, which has not yet been put into operation. If developers significantly reduce the price per square meters of housing, and with a private investor (the owner of the apartment) you can negotiate a discount of at least 5-7%.The least inclined to concede sellers, which is "chain", i.e. the sale of his apartment with the subsequent purchase of another. Such people "Podlesny" to the price of purchased apartment, because reluctant to encourage the buyer in the bargaining process.However, at the apartments of class "elite" such "concessions" on the part of seller shall not apply. "On the cost of the flats were not affected by the liquidity crisis, and prices remain stable. You also need to understand that the owners of these apartments - people are fairly affluent, upper middle income and are not asked to sell the apartment at all. They have a place to live, so a good bargain when you view these apartments is unlikely to succeed", - said Tatyana Yakovenko from "Trajectory".Also remain reluctant sellers traded commercial real estate, especially when it comes to professional commercial, office spaces, which can bring high income to their owners from delivery of premises in rent. After all, according to research analysts of the real estate market, the rental rates of commercial real estate continue to increase on average by 1.5% and 2.7% on a monthly basis.How to sell moreAnd yet the seller of property even in the current market conditions may minimize your losses when you sell. Most importantly, the realtors advise competently argue the stated sales price and focus the buyer on the advantages of the property sold. And to find its charms, as it turns out, even in the old flat. Talk about what she is warm, not built with cold panels, such as, for example, "brick", and warm bricks, etc.

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