CAN I take a loan on a house outside the city??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

CAN I take a loan on a house outside the city??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe desire to live outside the city is in second place, after the desire to purchase property in the Central part of the city. But the issue...How to get a loan on a house outside the cityThe desire to live outside the city is in second place, after the desire to purchase property in the Central part of the city. But the granting of loans for the purchase of suburban real estate, unfortunately, has not become a popular form of mortgage lending. How can I get a loan to purchase a country house, we asked leading experts NADRA Bank and UkrSibbank.Not so simpleUnlike the scheme of buying an apartment on credit, where more or less clear, the scheme of acquisition through Bank's country estate looks much more complicated.The most difficult option is to buy on credit of the land for further construction on her house. Experts say, sites that would have properly executed the documents, currently almost non-existent. In practice, therefore, any transaction involving the purchase or sale of land could theoretically be challenged on the basis of the illegality of the allocation of land!Overall, "the land question" remains the main stumbling block loan for the purchase of the land and with the house. The fact is that when you purchase (construction) of a country house, we are faced with two properties. It is the house itself, and the land on which is located the building. But ownership of land is quite often disputed. This is immediate risk to banks, as in the event of disputes, lawsuits or not repayment of the loan by the borrower the Bank has no collateral to recover their losses.So often, even if the creditworthiness of the customer can refuse the loan.The giving handUkrainian "daughters and sons" of foreign banks, as a rule base and real estate secured loan of not more than 50% of its real market value, and the banks that have Ukrainian roots – no more than 70%. Again, foreign banks in Ukraine, as a rule, do not give loans to private home. The cause is usually the fact that the land on which they are usually not privatized. It turns out that the banks in which it is possible to obtain such a loan, you can count on the fingers of one hand.Less troublesome making "classic" of the loan for the construction of villas or buy it ready made. It is possible, however, only if you can lay a jar of liquid assets. In case if the land is already purchased and need funds for the construction or completion of construction, and the amount of the loan secured by land may not be sufficient to Finance the construction of a house, it may be advisable to take out a loan secured by an apartment in a residential building. Or surety for another person, which has already built property. In addition, some banks may take in pledge the incomplete structure if the volume of construction work completed by more than 80% and is suitably decorated in BTI (necessarily with the specified percentage of completion).Leasehold land often serves as a basis for denial of the credit. However, if the lease expires after the period of the loan, it can serve as a mitigating circumstance for the client to receive the necessary amount.Terms and conditionsThe interest rate on the loan depends on the currency of the loan and down payment. The minimum bet in the currency the Bank can offer is 7.99% and in UAH 18.7 percent. The first contribution is a minimum of 15% of the appraised value of the property. The loan period to 30 years consider this interesting tidbit: at the time of expiration of the term of the loan the borrower should not be more than 65 years.Scheme of loan repayment:- standard (interest accrued on the loan balance)- annuity (monthly installments).But you should also consider that the national Bank is "tightening the screws" long-term lending and this may result in the reduction of loan terms up to 10 years and the requirement for a greater share of the payment. It is sad, but the Bank will lay the set conditions above on the shoulders of their clients.The financial crisis which affected the banking system of the country has not been spared and mortgage lending. This resulted in an increase in interest rates on loans, more stringent requirements for borrowers (for example, be only "white" salary, an increase in the percentage of own contribution). Experts cautious in this matter and hope for a speedy "warming".The technical side of thingsThe process of obtaining a loan on a country property, in itself, may take a little time. If you have the appropriate documents from the moment of filing until a decision by the credit Committee 1 day.

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