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Who will HELP arrange a MORTGAGE??? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineTo take the credit help mortgage...To take the credit help mortgage broker.The boom in mortgage lending in the past – in the current resource gap where banks impose more requirements for potential borrowers. Happy recipients high "white" salary situation will not touch, but the rest instead of visiting the Bank, it is recommended to consult a mortgage broker. It will help not only to choose the optimal conditions among the many proposals, but also to defend the interests of his client the prospective lender.Mortgage – a delicate matterIn advanced economies, mortgage brokerage service is not new, but in Ukraine it is only beginning to develop. Experts estimate that this situation is quite positive: "the Emergence of a growing number of brokers contributes to the development of the mortgage market" - said the Executive Director of the Ukrainian national mortgage Association (UNMA) Oleksiy Pylypets during the conference "mortgage. So the opportunity was not a surprise". It is believed that the main task of the broker is to determine the needs and opportunities of the potential borrower and to find the most favorable loan option among the many proposals from different banks. Thus, a broker is an intermediary between the Bank and the customer. It helps the borrower to obtain the loan, but also confers a number of powers of bankers, for example, makes a preliminary assessment of the creditworthiness of the borrower.You need to consider that in our country more than a hundred banks, of which 20 to 30 actively promote mortgage programs, the conditions of such programs change all the time. In addition, bankers tend to keep silent in commercials and on stage talks about some of the nuances, such as additional charges. This often emerge at the stage of processing the transaction, which puts a potential borrower to a standstill. Broker is by definition a professional in financial matters, which has full information and can objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of all new proposals.But even if the client is willing to visit a dozen banks and personally examine all the nuances of mortgage programs, the broker can help here. Because today is much more difficult to convince bankers to issue you credit. In this case, the communication with the broker is it a good rehearsal before visiting the Bank. The broker evaluates the financial condition of potential borrower according to the same criteria as the bankers. The only difference is that the broker is most interested in the fact that the client received the loan, while bankers often does not argue for the rejection.Communication with the broker is psychologically easier than with the Bank, especially at the stage of preliminary consultation, the client does not bind itself to any obligation. Potential borrower to explain in detail what documents should be collected and what use case when a conversation with the Bank officers, if necessary. Among other things, the broker can negotiate with the Bank discount on a fee or interest rate, which not only is more than worth the cost of the broker, but will provide considerable savings.The action planBrokers are independent experts and associated with a specific Bank or real estate company. In the last two cases, the broker contacts you can easily find in a Bank or on the website of the realtor organization.Pre-consultation with a mortgage broker is usually free. During the meeting, an application is made, stating the required loan amount, the composition of the family, monthly income, and how much the client is willing to pay monthly to repay the loan. According to the results of such consultation can hope for a clear answer – is there a chance to get a loan or not. In complex cases, the broker can indicate the likelihood of a positive decision on the loan. For example, 70% against 30% that the Bank agree to lend on these terms. After all the nuances agreed, the broker selects the appropriate to the specific case of proposals from various banks and sends a request.Formal relations of the client with the broker are bound by contract. Conditions may be different, but it is important that commissions paid to the broker after the loan specified in the contract amount will be approved by the Bank. For consideration of the application in the Bank pays as a rule, the client. The application should be submitted to several banks, after which the broker receives a response containing already computed conditions for each specific case. After the prior consent of the Bank, the client chooses the most preferred option, given the formal positive decision on the loan and then pays the broker.Clear tariffs for the services of mortgage brokers in the market. A relatively new specialty, the competition in this field is still weak, and the range of prices is very large. The fee depends on the specific broker, the transaction amount, the complexity of the situation and many other factors. Alternatively, you can use the service of choosing the optimal mortgage program in estate Agency. It will cost between 0.2-0.5 percent of the transaction amount. By the way, in some cases, the brokerage is paid by the Bank. Basically it is typical for situations where a broker affiliated with the Bank a contractual relationship. However, the recommendation of such a broker may not always be objective.In addition to the tangible savings that gives a good choice of mortgage programs, the broker can help the customer to bargain with bankers more loyal conditions. For example, there are cases when loan officer unreasonably reduce the loan amount to 10 – 15%. The logic of the inspector iron: if a potential client refuses such a loan, then he is not a solvent. To change the situation itself is almost impossible, but if you will have to plead the broker, the banks tightening conditions rarely. After all, the broker brings a lot of customers, so the ratio of special to him.Trust, but verifyAs we mentioned, the Institute of credit brokers in Ukraine is only beginning to develop. According to the analytical Department of the UNIA at the beginning of 2008, the share of mortgage brokers on the market was around 1%,. The disadvantage of the lack of quality competition negatively affects the professionalism of brokers. So to find a good specialist is not always easy many brokers represent the interests of specific banks. This has its pros and cons. The drawback is that the broker will dismiss great deals of banks-competitors. But a good broker relations with the partner Bank promise to the customer not only a greater likelihood of getting credit, but also liberalization of conditions.Sometimes a third party in the relationship of broker and client is becoming a real estate Agency. The fact is that the Bank agrees to lend to the not every object. Many bankers and brokers associated with realtors as a formal partnership agreements and informal sectors. In the latter case, the client just gently point to the Agency, which should be used to find the object. Otherwise, the loan may be denied. Such conduct of the creditor is a logical explanation: the property you are buying, depart the Bank as collateral.

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